3rd INSPIRE Scientific Advisory Board (Oct 4-5)


On 4 & 5 October 2021 took place the 3rd INSPIRE INSPIRE S.A.B with 7 international experts in charge of advising and giving guidelines about the scientific leads and perspectives of the INSPIRE platform.

Josef PENNINGER PhD (President), Pr Tom KIRKWOOD MD, PhD, Pr Jean-François DARTIGUES MD, PhD, Dr Jeremy WALSTON MD, Dr Luigi FERRUCCI MD, PhD, Dr John BEARD MD, PhD, and Felipe SIERRA PhD.

Please find below the presentations showing the INSPIRE projects progress:

Discover the concept of hallmarks of aging in geroscience (Felipe SIERRA, PhD & Jean-Marc LEMAITRE PhD): here

To see more about the human translational INSPIRE cohort , click here (Sophie GUYONNET PhD)

For the SWISS mice cohort it’s here (Angelo PARINI MD PhD)

For the African Killifishes cohort, it’s here (Cédric DRAY PhD)

Finally, to (re)discover the ICOPE-CARE cohort, following the WHO ICOPE program for healthy aging, click below to see Pr Bruno VELLAS’ presentation about its implementation after 2 years: click here