The Foundation for “Prevention, Action in SanTE and Longevity (PASTEL)” is a hospital foundation created by decree no. 2023-1373 of December 28, 2023.

The Toulouse University Hospital is the founder. It can contribute to care and research activities and thus

  • ensure diagnostic, monitoring and treatment of patients;
  • provide care;
  • participate in the coordination of care in relation to members of the health professions practicing in city practice and medico-social establishments and services;
  • carry out prevention and health education actions, using a population-based approach (i.e. outside the walls);
  • participate in the implementation of health policy, particularly addiction prevention;
  • lead, within it, a reflection on the ethics linked to reception and medical care;
  • participate in training, university and post-graduate education, research and innovation in health;
  • participate in the continuing professional development of health professionals and paramedical staff.

To date, it supports the IHU HealthAge as project coordinator with the National Research Agency and supports IHU projects through its actions (sponsorship agreements, response to calls for projects, etc.).