This IHU will build the leading translational institute on prevention, healthy longevity and Geroscience in Europe to position France at the forefront of health care innovation of tomorrow that strengthens physical and cognitive functions, and thereby extends healthspan (number of healthy life years) in France as a model for Europe.

This vision will be achieved by advancing a novel function-centered prevention program and by integrating new mechanistic knowledge on the biology of aging to identify pathways that protect function and should be targeted for intervention (see the IHU HealthAge 5 pillars).

With this vision implemented, as individuals, we will feel the effects of age later and stay healthy and active longer. As a society, we will incur lower health care costs and less lost productivity. This creates enormous opportunities for industry and innovation towards a sustainable modern aging society.

– Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari, Director IHU HealthAge