The INSPIRE research platform also has the support of private partners, invested for the implementation of the WHO ICOPE program, as well as the establishment of scientific chairs:

Private partners inside scientific chairs

Several private partners are involved in constituting human cohorts and funding scientific chairs of excellence for associated research between their company and CHU Toulouse, holder of the INSPIRE Platform for its Gérontopôle:

Pfizer France:

Study of the prevalence of pneumococcus in the INSPIRE population and its clinical implications for determining declines in the areas of intrinsic ability.

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique:

Research on the biological aging of the skin (associations between the epidermal barrier and the immune system as well as the links between cutaneous, oral and intestinal dysbiosis). It will therefore be able to provide data on biomarkers of aging skin.


Implementation of the WHO ICOPE program in the « Follow-up Care » unit, which will examine how the ICOPE program can facilitate care on a visit basis when a patient returns home.

Edenis :

Implementation of the WHO ICOPE program in Sheltered Housing and EHPAD which will determine how the ICOPE program can facilitate risk stratification and the prevention of functional decline and dependence in this population.

Fondation Alzheimer Preventia in Occitania/Catalonia (APOC) – Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD):

Study of innovative methodologies for future preventive clinical trials during the course of aging, focusing on cognitive decline and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The measurement of plasma β-amyloid signature as a predictive factor for decline and Alzheimer’s disease will be examined.

Private partners outside scientific chairs

The Bien Vieillir AGIRC-ARRCO Occitanie Prevention Center

One of the priority areas of the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension scheme is offering retirees, preretirees or working people over the age of 50 who are in vulnerable situations, the opportunity to take charge of their health and become actively involved in the quality of their aging, owing to a prevention pathway offered in one of the 14 Bien Vieillir centers in France.  This pathway combines individual time (medical, psychological and social assessment) and possibly collective time (workshops, conferences, round tables). Individual time is a prevention assessment, entirely funded by the social action Agirc-Arrco. It allows beneficiaries to meet 3 health professionals (nurse, psychologist, doctor). 

The Bien Vieillir Agirc-Arrco Occitanie prevention center in Toulouse works closely with the Gérontopôle de Toulouse in the context of clinical research. Dr Florence Martin is in charge of this center.

The Fédération Occitanie Roussillon des Maisons de Santé (FORMS)

Led by Michel Dutech, the Fédération Occitanie Roussillon des Maisons de Santé is an association under the law of 1901, made up of health professionals in the field who are committed to promoting coordinated multi-professional practice in primary care with institutions, representing the actors on the ground, accompanying them through the entire life of their project and providing them with real expertise. It also promotes research and development of multi-professional practices in primary care by participating in teaching and multi-professional training. The FORMS provides training for coordinators of multi-professional groups in primary care in the regions. 

The French Association for Thermal Research

It is chaired by Dr Renée-Claire Mancret and supported by the scientific council of the association, which is chaired by Pr Christian-François Roques. Since the adoption of its statutes in 2004, AFRETH aims « to promote scientific research applied to the activity of thermal establishments, and particularly clinical research. » This creation thus endows thermalism with the high level tool to, among other things, carry out the evaluation of the medical service rendered by thermal medicine. Though for AFRETH the studies of clinical types around thermal medicine must constitute the priority, its attention is also focused on biological works allowing a better knowledge of thermal products, as well as on the contributions of the thermal cure as regards health education.

AFRETH acts as a research promoter by implementing the contributions of its founding members to the tune of 1 million euros per year on average.

The MSDAvenir Relief Fund for the Cogfrail Study

Inaugurated in march 2015 by the French Republic President,  MSDAVENIR is a fund relief for research in the life sciences. With 75 million euros, it aims contributing to make big scientific innovations emerge in the life sciences fiels by reinforcing relationships, exchanges et trust between public and private research actors.

MSD chose France, for its well-know excellence of its scientific research health care system. Supporting numerous and large projects makes MDSAvenir the first private relief fund for research in Europe.

Bonjour Senior   

Bonjour Senior is an online hub dedicated to daily problems faced by the elderly and home care services:

It offers an extensive inventory of existing products and services meant for senior autonomy and age related matters providing rich and global information –news, practical guides– and a way to compare prices. It also offers a personalized support to everyone’s project.

Bonjour Senior helps the INSPIRE / ICOPE teams from the Toulouse University Hospital Gerontopole to communicate about WHO ICOPE Program and the ICOPE MONITOR tools to their techie members and followers. Specific actions with them are also considered.

MGEN from the VYV Group 

MGEN covers more than 4 million people, employs almost 10,000 people and generates a 2 billion turnover which makes it a social security leader in France. MGEN manages the compulsory health insurance scheme of all people working for the Ministries of Education, of Higher Education, of Culture, of Sports and of the sustainable and ecological transition.
Since September 2017, MGEN belongs to a bigger Group, the VYV Group that is the 1st healthcare mutual society and social security in France. It gathers MGEN, Harmonie Mutuelle, MNT, MGEFI, Harmonie Fonction Publique, & Mutuelle Mare-Gaillard.