Geroscience medicine of tomorrow directly targets the biology of aging.  Aging is the major risk factor for functional decline and chronic age-related diseases.

As suggested by the Geroscience theory, by acting on the biological aging at the root of multiple-age related diseases (i.e. dementia, diabetes, cancer, heart disease) and functional decline, we can stay healthier and functionally active longer. In other words, preventive efforts that address biological aging are based on a systemic perspective rather than a single disease – where the biology of aging is an integral part of functional decline and multiple diseases, and prevention can be handled before the beginning of chronic diseases and disability.

The IHU HealthAge will build an internationally connected framework and platform to connect clinical trials that test novel Geroscience drugs.  This platform takes advantage of the established Toulouse expertise in running small to moderate to large-scale trials. Further, the platform builds on the international guideline leadership of the team on defining a core set of outcomes (test) variables to compare the effectiveness of the interventions on the biology of aging across trials. Additionally, the trial platform will include a trial biobank to validate novel biomarkers of aging in response to novel treatments and will in a pre-clinical platform test causality of the novel interventions in the established Toulouse INSPIRE animal models.