The Toulouse WHO collaborating Center has built the largest ICOPE primary care cohort in Europe (now more than 50’000 individuals age 60 and older enrolled in Southern France) which monitors and strengthens the six functions people value most.

These functions are mobility, cognition, mental health, vision, hearing and nutrition/vitality. The ICOPE program (Integrated Care for older people) is supported at the international scientific and public health level as the most promising level to extend healthy longevity accessible for all.

The IHU HealthAge will take advantage of this cohort and extend it to the national level targeting 500’000 people in 5 years and 2 Mio in 10 years. To achieve this goal, the IHU HealthAge will:

  1. 1) utilize the digital ICOPE tools that were developed by the Toulouse allowing its broad low-barrier and low-cost dissemination;
  2. 2) will engage and expand the already ICOPE trained 11,000 health care professional team ;
  3. 3) will work closely with the Ministry of Health and Prevention in France already committed to reimburse ICOPE in 8 regions of France as part of an experimentation article to advance its national implementation.

Finally, as a core partnership of national ICOPE expansion, the IHU HealthAge is working with major partner to flagship its digitalization and make ICOPE accessible at the national level.