The aim of the executive and scientific committee is to monitor the progress of the INSPIRE platform and to determine strategic decisions on scientific projects. It meets every two weeks and is composed of the following founding members or academic partners:

  • Gerontopole of the Toulouse University Hospital (WHO Collaborating Centre for Frailty, Clinical resarch and Geriatric Training) 
    &  Laboratory of Epidemiology and Public Health Analysis (LEASP):
    Bruno VELLAS; Felipe SIERRA ; Sandrine ANDRIEU ; Yves ROLLAND; Sophie GUYONNET; Philippe BARRETO
  • STROMALab: Louis CASTEILLA; Isabelle ADER
  • Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (I2MC): Angelo PARINI; Dominique LANGIN; Pierre GOURDY; Philippe VALET; Cédric DRAY
  • Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases (Infinity) : Nicolas FAZILLEAU 
  • Pharmacy Department of the Toulouse University Hospital: Philippe CESTAC
  • Toulouse Neuro imaging Center (ToNic): Pierre PAYOUX
  • Center for Research on Animal Cognition (CRCA): Claire RAMPON CLAIRE; Noélie DAVEZAC
  • The National Veterinary School of Toulouse (ENVT): Isabelle RAYMOND LETRON
  • Digestive Health Research Institute (IRSD) : Nathalie VERGNOLLE