Heike BISCHOFF-FERRARI is joining Inspire

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After two years dedicated to the launch and installation of the INSPIRE project, Felipe SIERRA, PhD, has accepted to put his experience to the service of the Hevolution Foundation. We thank him for his important contribution and wish him the best for the future.

All the researchers and collaborators of the INSPIRE project are happy to welcome Heike BISCHOFF-FERRARI, MD, PhD, who is joining us to take over the activities related to Gerosciences, from basic research to clinical practice, and to conduct the IHU project presented by the Toulouse hospitals.

Heike is Professor of Geriatrics and Age Research at the University and University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland. She has devoted many years to research and, as a principal investigator, she coordinated major projects related to aging, such as the DO-HEALTH project.

We welcome her within the Toulouse scientific community in order to share and promote the latest knowledge in the field of healthy aging.