Master « Geroscience & aging: translational research and preventive strategies »

This course aims to provide in-depth knowledge on i) the different trajectories of aging (definition of a biological age vs. chronological age), (ii) associated factors (early biological and clinical markers, individual behaviours, environmental determinants), and (iii) drug and non-drug prevention strategies for aging well. This training will address innovative models of health system organization and/or care specific to the elderly (new technologies, connected tools, self-assessment, definition of personalized objectives, links with the silver economy) as well as the innovative and specific aspects of clinical research in the field of aging (translational research, creation and management of cohorts, digital cohorts, etc.). The originality of this training is to propose a vision ranging from the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of aging to the application in clinical practice.

This training is targeted to students in biology, medicine, pharmacy, odontology, epidemiology or paramedical training and leads to different professions to promote healthy aging.

Future graduates will be able, at the end of this training, to pursue a PhD (in an academic or industrial environment), to apply for engineering positions or to be eligible for clinical research positions (Clinical Research Associated).

This Master 1 – Master 2 course will benefit from the mention Biology Health of the University Toulouse 3 – Paul Sabatier. The start of M1 is scheduled for September 2021 and M2 for 2022, unless the current Covid19 epidemic delays its implementation. Further information should be provided in September / October 2020 to specify the modalities of access to the M1 and the date of its opening.