The ICOPE program

It’s a public health program of integrated care for the elderly (from 60 years) launched at the end of 2019 by the World Health Organization aimed at maintaining seniors at an optimal level of intrinsic capacity. The intrinsic capacity of an individual is represented by the 6 key areas for healthy aging: cognition, nutrition, mobility, psychology, vision and hearing. Learn more

The ICOPE Care cohort

The Gérontopôle of Toulouse, collaborating Center of the World Health Organization, implements the ICOPE program in the Occitania region with the objective of assessing 200,000 seniors within 5 years and promoting healthy aging. Learn more

The digital cohort

A digital cohort will be set up in 2020 for autonomous people wishing to self-assess without prior introduction by a health professional. Learn more

The digital tools

In order to study the different populations of INSPIRE volunteers, the Gérontopôle of Toulouse uses a number of digital tools including the ICOPE application launched by the WHO on 1 October 2019 and the ICOPE MONITOR application that it co-developed with the WHO. Learn more